Wednesday 15 December 2010

Oh filings of comfort and joy

Under 'b' for brooch?
Surely 'b' for bee?
Under 'j' for jewel?
Under 'r' for ruby?

Under 'h' for hidden?
Under 'c' for conceal?
Under 'l' for lose?
Under 'd' for don't steal?

Under 'g' for gems?
Under 'f' for foolproof?
Under 's' for safe?
Under my roof.

Under 'j' for joy?
Under 'r' for relief?
Under 'l' for looked there!
But not underneath.

The hanging files
Tightly packed.
Just where I cached it,
Boxed and sacked.

All credit due to Mr U or B
for not giving up.


  1. Oh, good. Now if only I could remember some of my own safe places!

  2. Oh this is so well written, I thoroughly enjoyed your words ...and it's so good that you have found your bee ...what comfort and joy!

  3. So very, very relieved for you............

  4. You've found it! Hooray! (Nice stars, too -- )

  5. Oh, joy! My missing things are often found in the most logical places - which are always the last place I look!

  6. Oh I'm so relieved for you. Bees just have a mind of their own, don't they? I once lost a wallet and months later found it in a bag of buckwheat flour. ?

  7. Lucille, I am obviously getting on in years. By the end of your posting I had absolutely no clue as to the status of your missing bee.

    The comments lead me to believe that all is now well and you have withdrawn the private prosecutions taken out on staff, visitors and itinerant labourers...

  8. JofIndia You are just worn out from all that tinsel draping. It was in the filing cabinet. And yes, I have stopped giving everyone my narrow eyed look. You included. No one was beyond suspicion.

    Thank you all for your kind commiserations.

  9. But I have been in India! And far too busy cornering the tinsel market to concern myself with your and the little bee...

  10. rejoicing with you at finding the lost ...