Friday 21 December 2018

From darkness to light

 Watching a distant storm skimming the horizon
while standing on dry land
with just the slightest feeling 
that the wind could bring the trouble nearer
and there we are without an umbrella or galoshes.
Then breathing a sigh of relief as it passes
and the sun returns.

If only all our worries could be blown away so easily.

Thursday 13 December 2018

Streams of (sunlit) pleasure ever flowing

Catching the sunlight wherever and whenever possible
as sadly it is not ever flowing just now.
And when it fades at15.51

bring on the twinkly lights
and be glad that it is only eight days until
the Winter Solstice.

Monday 26 November 2018

Tall Cat is dismayed

All our garden fences have fallen down.
It is Liberty Hall round our way for foxes
and cats.

New fencing arrived today.
Tall Cat hot-footed it round to see what was happening.

I have tried to explain to him
that it is going to be a bit more difficult to pop in.
He will need to jump up.

'How high?' he asked.

'About five feet,' I said.

'You're kidding,' he said.

'Seriously?' he said.

'But what about my adoring public?
I'm the only reason people visit your blog these days.'

I am seriously considering cutting a cat flap in one of the panels.

My husband thinks I am mad.
What do you think?

Monday 19 November 2018

in absentia

Yes I do see how Instagram lures
one away from the blog.
It's so breezy and bite-sized.
Even on a dodgy phone with a broken screen that has to be jabbed
multiple times in order to 'share',
it still wins hands down over the old computer for immediacy.
Mac struggles to load photos to Blogger in under an hour.
I have to take myself off to while away the time more profitably
and then completely lose my train of thought.

So in the absence of a coherent narrative,
I'm going for colour graduation,
because this autumn has been all about
the most spectacular colour changes
and dramatic skies.

Much to be thankful for.

Sunday 4 November 2018

The Last Hurrah- Great Dixter

 One could almost believe in an eternal autumn.
These gardens show so little sign of decline.

If only I could say the same about myself.
More Pilates and less cake perhaps?

Wednesday 24 October 2018

The Last Hurrah - Sissinghurst

It looks quiet from up here on the tower parapet
but actually it was very busy
as people took advantage of another beautiful Saturday
to visit Sissinghurst before it closes for the winter.

Back home I brought in the last of the Cosmos
in anticipation of the Arctic blast being  excitedly flagged up
by the tabloids for the end of the week.

The clocks go back, the days contract
and I have taken delivery of a new chair.
(I'll show it to you later.)
I see more sitting in my future.
There has not been much of that of late.