Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The Last Hurrah - Sissinghurst

It looks quiet from up here on the tower parapet
but actually it was very busy
as people took advantage of another beautiful Saturday
to visit Sissinghurst before it closes for the winter.

Back home I brought in the last of the Cosmos
in anticipation of the Arctic blast being  excitedly flagged up
by the tabloids for the end of the week.

The clocks go back, the days contract
and I have taken delivery of a new chair.
(I'll show it to you later.)
I see more sitting in my future.
There has not been much of that of late.


  1. What beautiful pictures Lucille. And those views from the parapet - quintessential English countryside. I look forward to seeing the chair... hope the sitting has begun!

  2. I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to get in a car or on a bus or train and travel to Sissinghurst. A minor miracle. I would have to drive three hours, get on a plane for many hours, rent a car, and drive there. Whew! Oh, to be in England any month of the year!!

  3. Wonderful to visit sissinghurst with you Lucille!

  4. Not Sissinghurst sadly ... but plan to visit two open gardens next weekend.

  5. What? The clocks go back tonight?! Oh me, I hate it when that happens because it means I have to lie awake for an extra hour.

    Pretty pictures, thank you.