Wednesday 23 November 2016

Safely tethered

Can it really be four years since the men came to pollard the Plane trees?
But no. It isn't. 
I've checked and it seems they really are a little early.
It was April 2013.

This is why I am impervious to the cries of, 'Blogging is dead! Long live Instagram!'
My blog is my aide memoire, for a memoire that is distinctly hazy these days.
It is also a stabiliser.
A reassurance in turbulent times.
See here and anywhere here for further grounding.

Sunday 20 November 2016

Sweeping up the leaves

 In London and New York.
This last one taken by my son just before his return to the UK
with this little girl.

We can't wait.

Wednesday 9 November 2016

Overtaken by events

Of course I have dozens of pictures from our New York trip.
Parks, museums, streets, meals, family outings,
Trick or Treating, iconic buildings and bridges, wildlife,
autumn colour, quirky sights.
You can probably imagine most of them.

I should put them up, as a reminder of an intense and amazing experience,
but what with my computer struggling to upload said pictures
while Photos fights with iPhoto
and me struggling to imagine what's going to happen now,
the following is the best I can manage.
It's bathetic I know.

Big Bird takes a moment in Central Park.

Dead bird lies on a Manhattan pavement.

Tuesday 8 November 2016

Lagging behind

As we drove from JFK to our Airbnb in Brooklyn
the cab driver had the third and final debate
between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
playing at full volume.

These are the only posters I saw.
This rally

was largely composed of Chinese Americans
at the foot of Trump Tower.
There was no getting away from it.
The prevailing mood amongst the people we met,
seemed to be that of apologetic despair.
And that, from both sides.