Wednesday 23 November 2016

Safely tethered

Can it really be four years since the men came to pollard the Plane trees?
But no. It isn't. 
I've checked and it seems they really are a little early.
It was April 2013.

This is why I am impervious to the cries of, 'Blogging is dead! Long live Instagram!'
My blog is my aide memoire, for a memoire that is distinctly hazy these days.
It is also a stabiliser.
A reassurance in turbulent times.
See here and anywhere here for further grounding.


  1. Lucille, I agree with you about there being multiple reasons to value blogging.

    Now you've got me wondering when it was I saw workmen pollarding trees on the street just behind the Tate Britain. And...since I am pretty sure I included them in a travel photo blog, I'll be able to pinpoint which autumn it was. I'll report back to you. xo

  2. I, for one, am extremely pleased that you intend to carry on blogging!

  3. I know it might be a sensible way to manage urban trees, but I do so hate to see them pollarded! Such brutality....

    Thank you for linking to my new blog (III, not II, btw), Lucille - as a result, I've been discovered by Nib's End, and look forward to adding her beautiful blog to my list. Another of the joys of blogging - one lovely find leads to another!

  4. So many of the blogs I used to read and enjoy have been abandoned, most of them by younger women with families to attend to. I especially miss Mise and Dr. Ada. It is one of the reasons I look forward to each new post of yours. You plant my feet on distant shores and often make me laugh with a clever turn of phrase. I like to imagine you going up to town and shopping Borough Market; buying some of the things for your larder I couldn't take with me when I was there.

    1. Yes I miss Mise too. She does pop up unexpectedly with a sourdough loaf but the intervals are getting longer. I sit at her door somewhat in the manner of Greyfriars Bobby. Faithful to the end. Dr Ada would probably have had me interred nearby. Not necessarily after death.

    2. I will buy some artisan chocolate in your name next time I am at Borough Market. Thank you for the kind encouragement.

  5. What emormous trees! And long live blogging.

  6. Thank goodness for blogs. (And people who have a head for heights!) I was a late arrival at the bloggers ball, so will probably still be there long after everyone else has left, working my way through abandoned archives and blowing the dust off rectangular photographs...