Sunday 5 May 2019

Full to the brim

It's all or nothing

at this time of year.
I'm tripping over my feet
and the blog is getting left behind.
We've had the tulips, haven't we?

the wisteria,

the cow parsley.
Wait. Cow parsley.
Isn't that June?

The mad weather.

The lovely house visits.
Here - take a look out of Rudyard Kipling's windows
and catch your breath. 

Scotney Castle

doing all the colours
especially in the azalea and acer ranges.

Each flower just a one day showing.

Sissinghurst on  a warm sunny Easter weekend.
Are you mad you ask?
The hordes.

But no.



a soul.


if you arrive before opening time

and eschew the café

walk briskly

 and purposefully as soon as they will let you in,

you are quite likely

to be ahead of everyone.

And finally, if you aren't paying attention
the grandchildren will be
off to big school

and the shopping trolley
parked under the piano
will be very old hat.