Tuesday 24 December 2019

Shining lights

Some bright lights left in the camera since I was last here. 

Tall Cat on a rare visit.
We never know when he will appear.
And we never know if it will be for the last time.

An uncle, brother, son and nephew
home from Japan for Christmas.

And the hall decked and ready
for the rest of the family tomorrow.*
Wherever and whoever you are
I hope you have a happy and peaceful day.

*Edited to add that there was an unexpected visit to
A&E for the littlest one tonight
and we are very grateful to have him back home just after midnight
and just before Father Christmas arrived.

Saturday 2 November 2019

To the Lighthouse and other places

A quick injection of colour to kick start 
a long overdue entry
on this blackest of November days 
with the clocks well and truly back.
At the end of October,
we climbed the Old Lighthouse at Dungeness
and saw the beautiful mirrored light at the top.

I'm very keen on this fool's Fair Isle wool 
and have embarked on a third hooded jumper for a grandchild,
in a size large enough to show off the colour variations 
to better advantage.

By way of complete contrast I came upon
this very old cemetery while out on a mundane errand
and was swallowed up by a wholly unexpected wilderness
only yards from a busy and nondescript street in south London.

(not our dog)

A graveyard of a different kind,

for Citroen 2 CVs inexplicably abandoned

and left to decay

on the banks of the River Rother.

Pictures from a trip to Spitalfields' Fournier Street,

could so easily have been scenes of decay

but houses worth £4000 in the 60s fetch millions now.

 That is the spiral staircase inside the aforementioned lighthouse.
Quite a climb but the view was worth it.

(only part way up)

The Royal Academy is exhibiting Antony Gormley's work.
The final piece Host was this room flooded with sea water.
As with all the pieces, my greatest interest was in fathoming
how they got everything installed.

It has been windy today

but not as windy as Tokyo.
Our son arrived in time for one typhoon
and was an old hand four weeks later
for Typhoon Hagibis.

The sun shone brightly the next morning
and we slept a little more easily that night. 

Sunday 29 September 2019

Dwindling ...

...the number of posts and the number of readers I suspect

and the harvest too

but it was a good year for French beans
and I will definitely grow them again.

Sissinghurst and Great Dixter continue to mellow beautifully

 and there is an exciting new place to visit,
Tillingham, a biodynamic vineyard, 
with rooms and a restaurant in the heart 
of the Sussex countryside.

There was a son in San Francisco

and another newly established in Tokyo.

This butterfly looks a little how I feel.
I'm never good with the shortening days

and this seems to have been a particularly swift descent into Autumn.
Pencil sharpening, new term feelings were not as marked as in previous years
but for this one

a fifth birthday

and an exciting first week at big school are under her belt.

For now, in these troubling times,
I seek solace in scenes like those above,
the writings of Gladys Taber, (thanks Nan)

and seek to adopt the Zen-like attitude
of this ram.

See you, I hope,
before we all fall over the cliff.