Sunday 29 September 2019

Dwindling ...

...the number of posts and the number of readers I suspect

and the harvest too

but it was a good year for French beans
and I will definitely grow them again.

Sissinghurst and Great Dixter continue to mellow beautifully

 and there is an exciting new place to visit,
Tillingham, a biodynamic vineyard, 
with rooms and a restaurant in the heart 
of the Sussex countryside.

There was a son in San Francisco

and another newly established in Tokyo.

This butterfly looks a little how I feel.
I'm never good with the shortening days

and this seems to have been a particularly swift descent into Autumn.
Pencil sharpening, new term feelings were not as marked as in previous years
but for this one

a fifth birthday

and an exciting first week at big school are under her belt.

For now, in these troubling times,
I seek solace in scenes like those above,
the writings of Gladys Taber, (thanks Nan)

and seek to adopt the Zen-like attitude
of this ram.

See you, I hope,
before we all fall over the cliff.


  1. Still here and still enjoying your beaurtiful photography and your visits in a part of the country I seldom see now! Thank you Lucille.

  2. I meet an American friend in town for coffee and we try to talk as little as possible about "home" since it just fills both of us with despair!

  3. So many great photos -

    I feel the same way about the shortening days :-( This morning I woke at my usual 6:00 and it was SO DARK.

  4. I cannot be the only one who is excited at the onset of Autumn, surely?

  5. I have returned here after a hiatus in blogging and blog reading. I am sorry to hear that you don't much like the darker months although there is little anyone can do to stop them happening I fear other than moving to the southern hemisphere for the next six months, perhaps a little extreme. I am rather looking forward to the darker months, I love the rest and hibernation that comes with it, I am ready for a rest after the busy times of the warmer months. Any excuse to go slower is welcomed here.

    Your photos are so beautiful, popping with colour. I love how you have bought together a random collection and woven them together with your words.

  6. Did she enjoy big school? It is daunting at first (but I miss that - new exercise books and fresh crayons)

  7. Still looking forward to a new post from you and enjoying the beautiful photographs. Mixed feelings about autumn for me with satisfaction from harvesting my work in the garden (it has been a good bean year) and admiring the colours on a sunny morning dragged down a bit by the dampness that coats everything outside and the shortening day. Will try and follow the path of the ram.

  8. Still enjoying your posts here! Apologies for never commenting (even this one takes me ages to type, weirdly), but this one's to say thank you.

  9. Oh, a lover of Gladys Taber's writing!!! So happy to find a kindred spirit. -smile-

    Sorry about the less-blogging-and-less-reading-commenting-in-blogs. Was heartened by some, saying they were coming home, to blogging. But.... So wish there would be a real return to Old Fashioned Blogging. As opposed to just IG, etc.

    Yes, lovely photos.....

    Hope you blog more...

    Happy Autumn, which I happen to love... The beginning of the Cozy Season, of looking inward, both in ourselves and to being happy at home.

  10. Yes, I don't get many comments these days but I still blog. It's a compulsion. I love your posts, but you're right in saying that there aren't enough of them (I think that was what you were saying?!) Mind you, you persist in torturing me with pictures of Sissinghurst, where we've been twice but I suspect will not go again. It's a weary way from here.

  11. At first, I thought your initial photo of the purple beans was a painting. Lovely.

  12. Still reading and loving your blog! xx

  13. I am trying hard to get back to blogging, and even more especially - reading blogs on a more regular basis. I miss long and thoughful postings and photographs about all kinds of subjects. It is fun and easy to look at igram pictures, and this is the only social media I am on, but there is nothing like reading a good blog post. Funny, I've been thinking a lot about this subject just today. I've been going through my bloglist and reading and commenting on several. I have also deleted the blogs which have no postings for months and months. I suspect they have left forever. I kinda wish people would leave a note of goodbye when they quit, and perhaps the reasons for leaving. It seems like FB, Igram, and Twitter are like drugs that people just can't stay away from. My Igram is private and very small. Mostly my family and friends, and most of the Royals! haha.
    I so love the picture of the five year old! I have two grandchildren who are five, and one who is four. Wonderful ages.
    Every one of your photos is so beautiful.