Monday 12 August 2019

Life force

Energy. Somewhat erratic today.

This foggy image accurately reflecting
the current mood under stormy skies.

This one conveying temporary bursts of energy
when the sun pops out again.
Plenty being done, directed or delegated,
but not necessarily effectively.
To whit the cake for tomorrow's visitors, in a cold oven 
the oven mysteriously having been turned off
at some point in the proceedings.

Never mind - here are cheery flowers

and here are the apples that must be Used.

More cheery flowers I am proud to say
raised from seed by moi

and coordinating tomatoes
raised from little plugs from Rocket Gardens
many months ago.

 Energetic grandchildren wending their way here as we speak.
Stand by everyone. Stand by.


  1. Your oven has a mind of its own - how infuriating! And disappointing.

  2. Did you manage to bake the cake eventually? I like your second image, very cleverly done.

    Your flowers are gorgeous as is your produce, but not as gorgeous as the little ones.

  3. But what lovely grandchildren!

  4. How has she jumped that high? A trampoline... or did you fire her from a cannon?

    1. She jumped off the chair behind her! Now I see it your way, it is a rather astonishing height.

  5. I'm very envious of the apples that must be Used. My apple tree which is normally laden had just 3 small apples this year. A late frost did its damage I think. What did you make with yours in the end? I'm picturing apple pies, crumbles, baked stuffed apples with dried fruits and muscovado sugar... yum!