Sunday 29 September 2019

Dwindling ...

...the number of posts and the number of readers I suspect

and the harvest too

but it was a good year for French beans
and I will definitely grow them again.

Sissinghurst and Great Dixter continue to mellow beautifully

 and there is an exciting new place to visit,
Tillingham, a biodynamic vineyard, 
with rooms and a restaurant in the heart 
of the Sussex countryside.

There was a son in San Francisco

and another newly established in Tokyo.

This butterfly looks a little how I feel.
I'm never good with the shortening days

and this seems to have been a particularly swift descent into Autumn.
Pencil sharpening, new term feelings were not as marked as in previous years
but for this one

a fifth birthday

and an exciting first week at big school are under her belt.

For now, in these troubling times,
I seek solace in scenes like those above,
the writings of Gladys Taber, (thanks Nan)

and seek to adopt the Zen-like attitude
of this ram.

See you, I hope,
before we all fall over the cliff.