Friday 19 April 2019

Spring board

As well as being seduced by Instagram,
I have been brought to a grinding halt by my old computer.
Now I have something new and shiny 
but I don’t know if it will let me load photos
or what anything will look like.
So here goes:

I know that magnolias are rather old hat now and are mostly
a rather thickly padded brown carpet for most of us
but I wanted a record for posterity anyway.

Moving swiftly on, we have apple blossom,
and lambs.

The garlic persists but with added flowers

Wood anemones are holding their own,

but have been joined tentatively by bluebells.

The Open garden season is upon us

and tulip mania is in full swing.

Today has been so warm that the belted Galloway
have sought shade under the hawthorns.

Well nothing about this short post went well.
Clearly an iPad is not suited to this sort of endeavour
and despite the tranquil scenes you see above
I have been tearing my hair out and gnashing my teeth
on the other side of the screen.
I cannot scroll.
I cannot stop the typeface reverting to Times Roman.
I cannot break a line without it inserting an initial cap.
I cannot enlarge the photos.
I cannot prevent the whole page from flicking back up to the top
While I type.
And there’s that blasted cap.
I must regroup.
It will be Autumn leaves before we know it 
and the whole summer will have gone unblogged.
Bear with.