Tuesday 8 November 2016

Lagging behind

As we drove from JFK to our Airbnb in Brooklyn
the cab driver had the third and final debate
between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
playing at full volume.

These are the only posters I saw.
This rally

was largely composed of Chinese Americans
at the foot of Trump Tower.
There was no getting away from it.
The prevailing mood amongst the people we met,
seemed to be that of apologetic despair.
And that, from both sides.


  1. Lucille, you definitely got to sample some historic times in our country. I will finally be walking over to my polling place within the hour. Just hoping that there is a Huge turnout of voters all across the country. An afternoon nap will allow me to stay up later than usual tonight as the counting takes place.

    Lovely NYC photographs! xo

    1. I certainly did Frances. There will be more photos but I am having great difficulty loading to Blogger at present.

  2. It'll be over tonight thank God!

  3. What a fascinating time to be in the US, Lucille, and shades of Brexit there too. It will be interesting to find out what the outcome is, and whether the prevailing mood goes the same way as it did here.

    Hope you had a lovely time with your family!


  4. So that's where you have been - I wonder what the outcome will be - shame there isn't a bit more choice for the Americans to vote on.

  5. The results of this election, and of the UK's referendum, must surely bring about the change so desperately needed in our political systems? Otherwise, where will it all end? It doesn't bear thinking about.

    1. As my normally carefully non-partisan Pilates teacher said this morning, 'Thank you all for coming out. Thank you for not staying at home and eating your young.'

  6. Your Pilates teacher gave me the only (wry)smile of the day.

  7. I am so surprised that those are the only posters you saw! Down my way we had plenty, although not like we usually do. Usually there are blankets of them.

    Apologetic despair. Agh, yes.