Saturday 15 October 2016

After Eight?

It started with a backlit Cotinus coggygria leaf
eight years ago.
I observe that my postings have declined in number year on year.
At this rate of attrition
(and I admit that my O-level maths is struggling here)
it looks as if there will be a biannual offering in 2017,
of, say, a shadow on the sand at low tide and a backlit autumn leaf,
and then a solitary smokebush leaf in 2018.

This calls for drastic action.
I must search further afield for exciting new material.


  1. I would hate for you to hit the road! Always liked that song.

  2. You have delightful collections of things, don't you? Blog about an aspect of one of those perhaps?

  3. Lucille, your posts always live up to their caption, except I would say useful And beautiful!

    Fun to see those clips. Congratulations on continuing to blog. Choose you own frequency, any variation that's enjoyable. xo

  4. I enjoyed both your videos. We so Zumba to "Hit The Road, Jack" at the moment. So good! And I've never seen "Manhattan" but I like what I see here. I'm so pleased that you like my listless ladies! I think they're a hoot - possibly also sad, but funny. I love when humour transmits over hundreds of years.

  5. Not SO Zumba. DO Zumba. I saw it just as it vanished from the screen. Silly me.

  6. I like the things you look at and the way you see them , whether it's the morning light falling on your stairs or a sweep of the Downs .
    Please don't feel duty bound to canter through the supermarket , snapping shots of overladen trolleys as you go , just for us . We rely on you to soothe and restore harmony ...

  7. just a glimpse of your world, thru your eyes ...

  8. Nice videos, and I love the colours in the image!

  9. You will be back, won't you? :-)