Friday 14 October 2016

The last of the ha-ha-harvest

Red cabbage - mostly snail and caterpillar.
Carrots - mostly carrot fly.
Beetroot - mostly too big and woody.

Nevertheless I have managed to extract a borscht
from these flawed ingredients.
The snails and caterpillars were spared.

I have decided to give that bed over to tulips for cutting next spring.
It's too warm to plant them yet so I must hold off
otherwise they will be mostly - Tulip fire fungus.
Even Sarah Raven has suffered from this.


  1. Lucille, the colors of your harvest are quite beautiful, and the shapes of the carrots depict the challenges they faced. Good to hear that you granted freedom to those who'd enjoyed the vegetable's company prior to the borscht transformation. Useful and beautiful results were yours!
    The spring tulips will be very beautiful, and useful in celebrating spring. xo

  2. Love the look of that red cabbage, it's something I'd love to grow. Good luck with the tulips, and have a nice weekend. CJ xx

  3. Oh, I always plant my bulbs all at the same time because, well, I'm there with my trowel and have decided to get on with it; so my tulips are planted. It's always been ok so far... she said, tempting fate...

  4. Whatever the disaster, you have managed a particularly delightful still life image, for which I thank you.

    I await pictures of your Tulips in due course. I am a patient person.

  5. Our fall tomatoes are just fruiting here. I have some tulip bulbs in the fridge; we'll see what happens (here in Texas)!