Saturday, 6 October 2018

Holiday slides - New York

So much to see in a five day trip to New York.
But first stop every time - The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

 Chrysanthemums in the Garden at Petit-Grennevilliers 1893 -
Gustave Caillebotte 
a possible design for his dining room doors.

 Still Life with Flowers and Prickly Pears -
Auguste Renoir.

Bouquet of Chrysanthemums
Auguste Renoir.

A woman seated beside a Vase of Flowers
Edgar Degas.

She gazes, as the caption says, distractedly to the right.
I amuse myself by trying to guess what she is thinking about.

"Y aura-t-il assez de pommes de terres si Edgar vient dîner ce soir?"
"Cela prendra-t-il beaucoup de temps?"
"Je vais éternuer." *

And finally October in the Marshes -
John Frederick Kensett.
He was painting right up to his death in December 1872
and this series known as "Last Summer's Work"
is of meadows and salt marshes near Contentment Island Connecticut.

*"Will there be enough potatoes if Edgar comes to dine tonight?"
"Will this take much longer?"
"I'm going to sneeze."

My thanks, if it's correct, to Google translate for
helping out my schoolgirl French.


  1. I found myself taking Elzabeth David down off the shelf just to see if she had any suggestions...

    1. Funnily enough I haven't got enough potatoes for supper tonight.

  2. An unwitting 19C version of photobombing perhaps? Sat down to rest, completely oblivious of painter at work!
    Lovely pics, but I'm slightly disturbed that surveillance has got to the point where even the trees are joining in...

  3. Est-ce j'ai extingue (acute accent) le feu sous la soupe? (Done without the help of Google, so probably dire, but you get the idea.)