Monday 19 November 2018

in absentia

Yes I do see how Instagram lures
one away from the blog.
It's so breezy and bite-sized.
Even on a dodgy phone with a broken screen that has to be jabbed
multiple times in order to 'share',
it still wins hands down over the old computer for immediacy.
Mac struggles to load photos to Blogger in under an hour.
I have to take myself off to while away the time more profitably
and then completely lose my train of thought.

So in the absence of a coherent narrative,
I'm going for colour graduation,
because this autumn has been all about
the most spectacular colour changes
and dramatic skies.

Much to be thankful for.


  1. That grin!! Oh to be so happy with oneself and the world!
    I must agree with you completely re Instagram vs. blogs, especially since I switched to a Mac a few years ago. The interface between Blogger and my PC was so much better, but now I must be patient with the photo loading, and I'm not so good at that. I like your solution, though, as seen in this post. Pretty photos will suffice if they're as lovely as these.

  2. Well worth waiting for, especially that last one.

  3. Lovely lovely baby! - and I also love your alcove. Don't stop writing, though!

  4. Oh best photographs yet! I'm glad you found the patience to put them here. 4, 5, 7 and especially 10 and 11 - not fortetting baby.

  5. I've given up photos altogether since it only seems to upset Blogger.
    Instead we must all follow grandson's example and simply be happy.

  6. Little hydrangea is a perfectly peaceful photo.

  7. Gorgeous! All of them, especially that wonderful little smile... Odd to think that the only thing between us and the same response at our own reflection is our thoughts...