Friday 21 December 2018

From darkness to light

 Watching a distant storm skimming the horizon
while standing on dry land
with just the slightest feeling 
that the wind could bring the trouble nearer
and there we are without an umbrella or galoshes.
Then breathing a sigh of relief as it passes
and the sun returns.

If only all our worries could be blown away so easily.


  1. Haven't been on the beach for a while - good to see a gentle reminder.

  2. Oh, you've given me such a pang for the sea! The crispness and contrast of light is stunning. And I love that composition with the boats. Glad you stayed dry to enjoy it!

  3. Always so much to focus on at the seaside.

  4. Stunning and being by the sea does sometimes seem to take away your troubles on the wind and the tide....some of them, some of the time.