Monday 13 December 2010

Lost (but not found)*

The reason I didn't blog yesterday 
and why I was mending glass bead necklaces on Saturday,
is because I was turning the house upside down 
and inside out looking for this:

the only piece of real jewellery I possess;
the piece of jewellery that replaced
 the few nice inherited things that got stolen in two 
swiftly consecutive burglaries twenty five years ago.

I didn't find it or its box or its little suede sack.

And then we couldn't find the Sat Nav.

So we turned the house and car upside down again.

And we haven't found that either.

We live in a fairly orderly house.
There aren't many places to look
but naturally my fevered imagination
has had me disposing of both items
in more and more ludicrous ways,
to explain the utter bafflement
of not being able to lay my hands on either object
in its usual long established home.

So now I have started to look askance at the various people
who have been at liberty to wander around the house
without being scrutinised every minute of every day.
And of course that gets me nowhere either.

* Go here for a much happier story that puts things in perspective.


  1. I remember the little bee (is it a bee?) when you pinned it on your frock. Could it be the bee is still there?
    I'm always losing things, and turning the house upside down - and I've only be in it a little while! The problem with things not being where you expect them to be is the inability to concentrate on anything else until you find them. I'm sure the bee and the Sat Nav. will turn up - probably when you've stop looking!

  2. Maybe I have them. And maybe you have my black boots, because there are absolutely not in this house where they should be!

  3. Yes it's the little bee from my party dress. Sadly, the real mystery is that the whole box and bag caboodle is missing too. The bee was seldom worn and religiously put back in its box if it was. You're right about the sheer waste of time and energy that losing things entails.

    I wish I had your boots Rachel. Did you wear them on a trip away? The good news is that I have found a lost teddy bear and a black Coach bag in the searching.

  4. It is distressing. It looks beautiful and it is a special thing. Good luck.

  5. I hope the lost will soon be found.

  6. Oh I do hope that you find your treasures ...and how lovely that you have the twins back in your life. Life is full of swings and roundabouts.