Friday 17 December 2010

Snow on Skimmia

The next icy blast is on its way.
Today's light dusting was so dry
it was like fake snow for a film set.
Very pretty, quite sufficient,

Our plans for the weekend may be scuppered
by the apocalyptic forecasts.
We were looking forward to doing
or maybe this one,

The Downs must look lovely under snow,
but we don't want to be stranded.


  1. Oh I would love each and everyone of your walks ...but caution has to come into it with the weather you are experiencing. Enjoy your week whatever you end up doing.

  2. What a delightful word "scuppered" is ... as well as the red berries.

  3. Your photos are like a Christmas card. I hope you will get to do something lovely this weekend whatever the weather.

  4. Your eyes are just wonderful. I would love to go on those walks with you and have you point out what catches your eye. I'm sure I'd walk right past these beautiful moments without seeing what you see and have shown to us.

    I think my head is looking down too often.

  5. old black: Thank you for walking here.