Monday 6 December 2010

News from next door

A gang arrived and set to with chain saw and strimmer
in next door's garden of doom.

I begged them to leave the peach tree.
They left the toys too.
It looks utterly desolate.

I know that the brambles and saplings
will be back.
It is a very temporary measure
because no one is ever going to nurture that garden.


  1. Why has this happened? It reminds me of an unfolding scene of (as far as I can tell) near-total devastation of a large garden nearby me, a garden which was cherished and nurtured for years by an older couple. They moved South to be closer to their children, and hoped the young couple who bought the house would love the garden as they did. Alas, the new owners seem to be paving the entire thing over. One tree has been left standing.

  2. Oh dear............ OH DEAR........

  3. Oh dear indeed. Horrible.

  4. Yes , a chain saw and strimmer can cause heartbreakingly ragged ugliness in next to no time , can't they .