Wednesday 29 December 2010

There will now be

a short intermission.

I have a new camera.

The manual,
which I fondly imagined was only bulky because 
it was multi-lingual,
is in fact 211 pages of vital English directions.
Well I say English.
It might as well be Japanese for all the 
sense I can make of it.
It took me ten minutes to attach the shoulder strap
(see page 25).
There are sixty three pages of 'basic' instructions
but no glossary or index.

So far, local weather conditions,
dark, drear, dismal, dim,
have not allowed me to experience its full range of
cleverness but I have just chanced upon page 105
which offers night portrait, night scenery and
creative night scenery, 
so all is not lost.


  1. Loved your sunny hallway photos and your mention of 'smackerels'. Good luck with the camera manual. I bought a new camera this year and so far I have only read the part in the manual that has to do with basic I sense a New Year's resolution?

  2. How wonderful, a new camera ...but I am afraid that manuals and I don't mix.
    Once I know how to do something I can then understand the manual!
    Good luck and I am looking forward to seeing your photos.

  3. Just look for the "automatic" button. The rest you can learn at your leisure!
    By the way, which make and model is this "infernal machine"? I presume we're not talking Box Brownies..

  4. Imopressed so far Lucille! Im ust try reading the instructions on my camera - I'm afraid instruction manuals have always been a matter of last resort to me !

  5. Quite some camera by the sounds of it! We shall expect even greater things of you... :O))))

    Love the photos of your sunny hall. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  6. I can only quote my first MIL when confronted with anything produced any later than 1947 .
    " I couldn't get on with it , dear".
    But you'll cope brilliantly , I know . Your photos are always marvellous !