Wednesday 8 December 2010

Sun saving

It isn't just the slowing cold

or the boring viruses,

it's the day long gloom

that so lowers the spirits.

So when the sun came out 
only to drop straight down,
 like a white stone in a murky pond
I tried to fish it back up.

It slipped through my fingers.
It always does.

Suitably somnolent sounds 
coming from the next bedroom.


  1. I really enjoy your photos and word image. Pretty hard to gather a few UV rays this time of year.

  2. I love that tiley place, with the boat.

  3. So welcome is the light when it comes ... your words say it well.

  4. Wishing you all a quick return to health and sunshine that stays for a while.

  5. Friends returned last night from a trip to the Arctic Circle; they hadn't realised, they said, that the nearest they would get to daylight was about an hour and a half daily of deepest dusk..... all the rest was darkest night. They also understood why people in such places would turn to drink!

  6. Wishing I could send you some of our healing sun, I would package it if I could, but as you said it slips through fingers.
    Your photos capture your world.

  7. Your post - so beautifully done - reminds me just why I forsook my dear motherland for the sunshine and warmth of an exotic fatherland:
    Those never-ending, gloom-filled winters...
    You and your men must visit!

  8. None savor the sun so sweetly as those who are bereft of it.