Tuesday 7 December 2010

Emergency Ward 10

In a house resembling a busy A & E department just lately,
the best therapy is bed rest for the feverish, 
echinacea, manuka honey, and
hot spiced apple juice for the walking wounded
 and a little light pomander making
for the convalescing.

Fingers crossed for a clean bill of health by Thursday
as an Important Interview looms.


  1. Light pomander making! I'll keep that in mind. After two weeks of no sleep, I'm expecting mine to be under the weather, too.

  2. Love this ...I do hope that you are soon feeling better.

  3. I enjoyed my catch up, way back to Jamie Oliver, nothing like that ever happens in my supermarket. Loved that you rushed home for the camera.
    Wishing good health to your household.

  4. Luckily the pomanders will last a lot long longer than your bug .
    Get well soon , all of you !

  5. Are you one of the walking wounded, Lucille?
    Trust you'll all be fighting fit very soon...

  6. Good luck on Thursday! In my experience adrenalin is the best medicine of all.