Friday 10 December 2010

Kendal Mint cake...

...I thought when I saw this.

According to the Romney's website it is made from 
fiercely boiled sugar, glucose and water.
After cooling, half an ounce of oil of peppermint 
is added to every 40 lb of mix.
Only the first finest oils are used in preparation, 
a blend of the famous
American Wayne County brand, 
with Brazilian and Chinese types.
It has a subtle but stimulating flavour, 
cool in summer, fiery in winter.

Edmund Hilary and his team carried Romney's Kendal Mint Cake 
with them on the first ascent of Mount Everest in 1953.
'We sat on the snow and looked at the country far below us ... 
we nibbled Kendal Mint Cake'.

Better get some in. More snow is forecast.
The chocolate covered one for preference.


  1. Hmmm. I'd rather eat toothpaste.....

  2. But what is glucose, if not a sugar?!

  3. This is so amazing I went to a local shop called The British Pantry to buy my son-in-law some chocolate hob nobs (he is a NZer but he and our daughter lived in the UK for a few years) and there, right by the till, was a box containing Kendal Mint Cakes and I asked the shop assistant what they were ...and now you have written about them!

  4. It does make your teeth ache just thinking about it.

    They should have thrown in some fructose and sucrose for good measure.

    I do love a good coincidence. At least I can live up to the useful bit of my blog now.

  5. I actually LIKE Kendal Mint Cake..... there's something about it..........
    Love the relationship you saw between it and the broken ice......

  6. Ages since I've had Kendal mint cake, I do love it - even if you do feel a bit sick afterwards!

  7. From the comments, it's a puzzle as to why they would carry it to Mt. Everest.

  8. J of India: I'm guessing that, for some reason, the recipe required glucose and sucrose.