Monday 20 December 2010

The writing in the snow

A crunchy early morning walk round the park,

before our end of term fry-up in the café.

And for my friend's son,
the morning brought news of
a big 'Y' for yes from Oxford.
Well done D.


  1. Beautiful winter impression !
    One of my daily tasks is feeding the birds, they seem to have a hard time too over there.Keep warm:)

  2. I saw many Y's in nature in your photos. That's great news for an aspiring scholar.

  3. Lovely photos, as always. Thank you! And congratulations to your friend's son - that is a good Christmas present (although earned and not just given).

  4. Great pix.. love your clothes peg header too... Lizzie

  5. Glad I was there to share it with you - the snow and the fry-up - and thanks for your generous mention of D.