Saturday 10 September 2011

Weighty problem

We bought a dear little woodburning stove today.
Here it is in the improbable setting of a woodland glade.

(I think the dog is like the sprig of parsley 
pictured on a plate with some fish fingers 
as a 'serving suggestion' only.)

It was a bit cheaper if we took it away ourselves.
The kind men loaded it into our boot.
Trouble is, when we got home
we couldn't lift it out,
so now we are obliged to drive it wherever we go.
Our predicament has all the hallmarks 
 of one of those salutary fairy tales
with a hefty moral at the end -
there's no fuel like an old fuel?

I suspect we will have to pay someone brawny
about the same amount as the discount
to heave it out for us.


  1. Oh dear, and it was going so well, trees, dog, optimism.....

    Very pretty stove, though; an asset to any car.

  2. Been there! I had to go and get a neighbour to help get ours out of the car and into the house.

  3. And what about all the extra petrol you are using to lug that extra weight around meanwhile?

    I'm wondering whether storing wood under the stove is a fire-hazard. But perhaps that's a sprig of parsley too. It's a lovely little stove anyhow.

  4. Oh what a beautiful stove, at least you won't be cold in the car!
    I do hope you get a man with brawn, do you think you could pass his details on?...

  5. What a pretty stove. Perhaps you could build a little house around it.