Tuesday 27 September 2011

Crèche des petits escargots

Although you cannot see them here:

or here:

the bronze fennel is infested

with baby snails.
I took them for a walk,
but I'm not sure if it was far enough.
Apparently they have


  1. my mums a hard gardener and can squish baby snails I on the other hand would take the for a walk like you!

  2. Would you like some more? I never know what to do with snails - too squeamish to squash them. I too take them for a walk on the grounds that at least this delays their lunch, but then they've probably worked up an appetite by the time they get back...

  3. Nous avons un rat aussi. Il habite dans le compost bin. Il ne mange pas des escargots. Quel dommage.

  4. Take the snails for a drive or put them on the bus and tell the driver to let them off 10 stops away. If that fails, there's always snail soup, but as a vegetarian I'll decline the taste testing. :-)

  5. You could cook them. The other week at Ham House there was a food event, and one of the stalls was marketing "local" snail 'farms' (for the garden!) at £20 a throw!!

  6. Yes , they'll be back by tea time .... bearing a grudge .

  7. You need a couple of ducks. Apparently their appetite for snails is prodigious.

    Or you could put a dab of nail varnish on a few, and watch out for their return. Then you could let us know if it's just a myth that they actually do come home!

  8. Oh dear, I wish I had paid attention to the radio, apparently someone has done an experiment to find out the optimum distance to take your snails to stop them returning.

  9. I wonder if anyone else is taking their snails for a walk in your direction ;D