Wednesday 28 September 2011


Water Lane, Richmond,
living up to its name on this day of extremes.

A spring tide greeted us -
 an exceptionally high tide,

in exceptionally high temperatures

for the time of year.

And it was an exceptional mission
that brought me here.

A second opinion was sought about an exceptional purchase.

How appropriate then that aquamarines were involved.


  1. Heavens, was that today? I've never seen it so high - and I was there only yesterday. Only walked as far as the cinema, though.
    I think I know that aquamarine shop ... I'm sure your son chose something lovely!

  2. That Richmond high tide! The number of times my husband has been 'delayed' at the White Cross due to the river!

  3. I'm all agog! You do mean Richmond in Yorkshire don't you?

  4. I'm almost certain I've had a drink in that pub - lower water level though on that particular afternoon!

  5. Thank you for the photographs which make me very nostalgic. Richmond used to be one of my haunts but I don't get the chance to go south any more. It's good to see it again, even under water.