Sunday, 4 September 2011


I am going to have to learn to pace myself.

There is garden hidden under this lot:
sycamore, ash, bay, bramble, bindweed, yew,
huge clematis, thorny old rambling roses, woody fuchsia, 
and a vigorous self-layering tree

which I have yet to identify.

But I didn't have to uncover it all in a day.
It would have been better to spend time admiring the hydrangeas
than giving myself this sore back.

More haste less speed Lucille.


  1. There are two important factors worth remembering:
    1. Don't do anything too radical in the first year - you need to see what plants will unexpectedly emerge during all four seasons.
    2. You are planning to spend the rest of your lives here - hopefully long, healthy and happy lives. Relax, sit back and enjoy yourselves for a while. Your plans will definitely change over time, anyway...

    I wish you both many wonderful years of happy gardening!

  2. I'm with JofIndia: Let the garden show you what it has to offer. We found a wonderful swathe of snowdrops in the spring following the year we moved in.

    You must be so very, very excited about it all.

  3. I do agree about seeing a garden through at least one year unmolested but there is a huge amount smothered by sycamore which will never reveal anything until it is cleared.

  4. Our pastor always used to say, "Make haste slowly" ... your words seem to be in agreement with those words of wisdom!

    Hope you heal quickly.

  5. That always used to be my motto as school. I agree with J and Menopausal, take your time and don't injury yourself.

    I looked through my Readers Digest 'Field Guide to the Trees and Shrubs of Britain and the closest I can see to your leaves is Snake-bark Maple. Acer rufinerve.

  6. Declaring war on the sycamore is sensible, otherwise you will spend your life cursing.

    Hopefully you haven't got dozens of fuchsias......

  7. Thank you for checking Toffeeapple. I hope it is a Field Maple but there's something not quite about the leaves and the rampant growth. I will check the trunk when I can get to it.

  8. So much hard work to come but so many dreams to go with it.

  9. The birds will know and love your trees, you will wake to bird song come spring. What kind of birds is another question, big trees big birds.