Tuesday 13 September 2011

The roof over my head

This was puzzling.

This was alarming.
Slates were cascading from the 115 year old roof
into our narrow side access to the garden.
See how the top shard
resembles a guillotine blade?

Time to get another bloke in.

 A bloke with a ladder

and big boots.
But this one didn't speak blokish.
He was courteous, articulate, prompt,
reasonably priced, didn't bring a radio,
 and only wanted one cup of tea.

The tricoteuses can put away their needles.


  1. This is an absolute gem of a post, your punchline made me roar with laughter. Quite a scary roof though!

  2. Good it was easily fixed, and by someone who didn't speak blokish (I loved that post). And yes, that piece of broken tile did look like a guillotine blade. Modern tricoteuses would be able to knit and watch horror on TV now.

  3. The blokes who fixed my roof the other day brought their own tea in a thermos flask! What is the world coming to?

  4. Ha Ha, that is an excellent word "blokish" I can just envision that bloke with his ghetto blaster and copious cuppas. Some blokes just seem to use up all the oxygen
    Helen xx

  5. This has been quite an education!

  6. I'm looking for a nice piece of slate for a sort of in between counter top/shelf type arrangement in my kitchen. Maybe if a large piece of slate were to fall off your roof....?

  7. Gosh, you seem to have found a treasure with that one - don't let him get away!