Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Second flush

Our house may not be ready for us to live in for quite a while,
(and the list of essential works is lengthening),

but each visit reveals progress in the garden,

which carries on growing


  1. Love the treasures that are revealing themselves in your new garden. I can't imagine what each season will bring.

  2. Aren't they lovely? I wonder what else will show itself?

  3. Such a pretty variety of roses ... mine are almost done for this season.

  4. It is good to catch up on your blog today and see and read all your good news :) A friend of mine brings a small alarm clock outside with her every time she works in the garden. She sets it for one hour and goes to work. When the alarm rings, she has to stop. She claims this approach works for her because then, she does neither too much to cause her back pain, nor too little that she doesn't make a dent in the work.
    My roses love September, too.