Friday 2 September 2011

Come sunny rays

and ripen



 green tomatoes.

Or there are going to be an awful lot of these.


  1. That is my prayer too. They've been so slow to ripen this year and I am becoming impatient. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. Love that last tomato picture, ripening tomato-ness encapsulated ... I can practically smell them!

  3. excellent post.
    lots of green tomato chutney in out house I think!

  4. Last year I seemed to ripen most of mine on the windowsill, but I still had some that wouln't turn, so, I made "fried green tomatoes" after watching several Southern Belles on YouTube!!

  5. Its taking along while this year, isn't it. We have one red one so far. Maybe myself and OH can have half each.

    Chutney is the way, I feel.

  6. You have quite an eye for those tomatoes! That last photo is like watching "follow the leader".

  7. We aren't doing too bad here with the tomato ripening. You have chosen one of my favourite films there........ the carpark scene is such a classic!

  8. When you reach the point of despair with the green tomatoes, pick them, pop them in a paper bag or a drawer along with a ripe one, and leave them for a while, until they get the message and ripen too.