Monday 3 January 2011

Final bow

The tree was felled today
shedding its needles until the hall was as
deep in them as the forest floor.
The ham, beef and goose
linger on only as tubs of frozen stock,
and the last of the mincemeat
went into an apple pie.

Chestnuts from the Christmas veg box 
were almost forgotten, but using our friend Bert's
method of boiling first for two minutes,
had their shining moment today.


  1. Yes, we took our decorations down today too.

    Nigel's dead! I'm not at all happy! I liked Nigel. Whereas I could happily have dispensed with Helen. And now no doubt Lizzie will have a feud with David and I don't like feuding.


  2. Really super pictures, Lucille. Wonderful richness of tone and shade.
    Did you take them with the new camera?

  3. There's a spoonful left of the (2nd) Christmas pudding here, and an inordinate amount of cheese..... Next week, austerity and plain food. I mean it, honest.

  4. Yes J it's the new camera. Can't wait to see what it can do in daylight.

    Re. Nigel - How many widows and orphans can one soap opera sustain? I think this was a highly unimaginative plot development.

    Yes, I forgot about the cheese. All rather unappetisingly wrapped and unidentifiable now.

  5. Still swimming in a sea of Stilton here.............

  6. Still a bit of pecan pie left here, and a few thousand gingerbread cookies which we are slowly munching our way through. And we do have some chestnuts, although the first batch was moldy. And the clementines, but they aren't really christmas clementines anymore so much as january clementines.

  7. Baked apples are lovely stuffed with a little mincemeat too .
    Though now you'll have to wait till next year to try !