Wednesday 26 January 2011


I had cold feet all morning.
The Gas man came,
switched the central heating back on,
 I stood well back.
'Running sweetly,' he says.
'Must've been an airlock'.
'That noise was the pressure building up.'

Lloyd, the missing electrician rang.
Came and put a temporary fix on the kitchen lights.
'There's a live earth in your lighting circuit,' he said.
'You're not protected.'
Offered to return late February.
I thought we should move more quickly.

The opticians rang twice.
The estate agent rang.
No decision from second vendor.
Rang again while I was wielding a red hot wok.
 The offer now accepted.
They'd like to move quickly.
The pressure is building up.
I had cold feet all evening.
Can't see the way forward
even with all the lights blazing.

I need to take a step back.
Here's my temporary fox.

Sleeping sweetly.


  1. Your friendly fox looks like he's found some precious warmth. What serendipity.

  2. Pour yourself a stiff drink, go to your Pilates class then... have an even stiffer drink.
    Five years from now you won't remember any of this.
    (What am I talking about? If the drink is stiff enough, you won't remember it tomorrow!)

  3. I'm with JofIndia.............. (but miss out the Pilates).....

    And can you have a word with the "word verification" man and tell him that it's not very nice to give a word like "dribleth" to me.............

  4. My blood began to run cold as I read this, then I realised that there's no mention of a buyer, just a vendor. A buyer in a hurry strikes fear into my heart, and last year's events come flooding back....

    This is where you need to keep reminding yourself to breathe slowly and deeply. And that you are the lucky buyer...

  5. You will miss him, I think.