Saturday 15 January 2011

All Passion Spent

All is best, though oft we doubt,
What th'unsearchable dispose
Of highest wisdom brings about,
And ever best found in the close.
Oft he seems to hide his face,
But unexpectedly returns
And to his faithful Champion hath in place
Bore witness gloriously; whence Gaza mourns
And all that band them to resist
His uncontroulable intent.
His servants he with new acquist
Of true experience from this great event
With peace and consolation hath dismist,
And calm of mind all passion spent.

John Milton Samson Agonistes


  1. A really fascinating combination of threads.
    I must quickly learn how to garden, fish or play golf...

  2. Oh heck, I gulped when I heard the bit about characteristics.... "the grumpy get grumpier"....... watch out world!

  3. Given the creaking knees when one gets out of a chair , the tendency to grunt when bending over and the inability to nip upstairs for whatever it is one's just forgotten , grumpiness seems reasonable!

  4. While I do promise to have a hobby when I am elderly it certainly won't be tapestries.