Monday 24 January 2011

Just the interesting days

When my eldest son was three years old
I was telling him the names of the days of the week 
and explained that there were just seven and
that they went round and round.
'When does it stop?' he asked.

'It doesn't, they just go on while you grow up.'

'It's too long. I want it to stop.'

'But you'd miss your birthday and Christmas!'

'Well let's just have the interesting days.'

Was my day interesting?
Well let me see...
We can't turn any of the kitchen lights off.
I have lost the electrician's phone number.
There is some black mould underneath a window.
The amaryllis has three buds.
I converted three bags of unwanted books into a £10 note.
A friend recommended Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way.
I put an offer on a house.
I ironed a duvet cover.
I felt a painful twinge in my toe and wondered if I had gout.
I made a Sicilian sausage and lentil casserole.
I was able to answer some questions on University Challenge.

Have you had an interesting day today?


  1. Laughing my head off at this post: you see I commented earlier this evening that today was a good day since I had answered quite a few questions on University Challenge.........

  2. Maybe you need to get out more, my dear...

  3. mmmm...'put an offer on a house'...not something I do every day...

  4. "I put an offer on a house" ????? You tucked that one discreetly into an otherwise fairly unfrightening list (well, the twinge in the toe is scary, but hopefully it's arthritis and not gout, which according to my friend is much more dreadful).

    We need to know a little more, Lucille! You know we will be with you every step of the traumatic way that is to come......

  5. beautiful post!

    lovely greetings

  6. Okay, it sounds like a very interesting day. Offer on a house? Where?

  7. I took my adored 12 year old terrier mix Miss Winnie Dixon to the vet in the nearby town and thankfully we were given the diagnosis of urinanry tract infection (which is what I knew in my heart was the problem but of course through the sleeplessness of Sunday night as I let her in and outside endlessly to pee I'd convinced myself that perhaps she might be dying). High drama 'round here - always. I do love her so.

    And lucky you seeing a show of Mrs (Amazing) Delany's gorgeous and incredible botanical collages - the book mentioned is now on my wish list xo les Gang

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