Friday 28 January 2011



  1. Someone I gave an amaryllis to as a gift in November told me it is blooming for the third time! (Yours is beautiful - and yes, 'triumphant' seems the perfect word for the proud amaryllis!)

  2. As this post loaded on my screen, I first saw the Amaryllis and then a black rectangle where the YouTube recording would be. In my head I was imagining Handel........ it just HAD to be Handel, who else can do such celebratory music? It was so lovely to play the guessing game before I saw that it WAS! Thank you for such a lovely start to a day.

  3. I love their big showy blossoms and I'm always too cheap to buy them. Every pre Christmas I imagine myself splurging and getting 5 or 6 big fat bulbs waiting & watering ...
    maybe next year - it's a bucket list item for sure.

    And re: my beach shards oh if you only knew the half of it. I have been obsessively collecting for 18 years you have no idea ... the jars and jars- full of shards of this and shards of that, of shells, teeth (cow I presume), and skate egg cases. I especially love pottery & china shards. Happy weekend !
    S & les Gang