Sunday 23 January 2011

The Leek harvest

I decided to make a chicken and leek pie for lunch,
but had no leeks.
And then I remembered an exciting thing.
Hadn't I planted some leeks as an experiment
back in the hopeful days of last Spring?
I went to have a look.

There they were, all six of them,
standing bravely, patiently, in a neglected row,
waiting for their moment.

I even found a song to celebrate the glut.
But I think the compulsive You Tube linking must stop soon.


  1. Well done. I like the notion of brave, patient leeks.

    (Next year, plant courgettes. Then you'll know what the word 'glut' really means.)

    And now you've given me an ear worm.... So unkind of you.

  2. It was ham and leeks for dinner here - but that puts a different spin on it!

  3. Please keep posting the YouTube links.
    This last one served as a true window on your soul...

  4. Yes sorry about the ear worm. I'm waiting for Alice to complain. I put it there to eradicate the last one.