Sunday 2 January 2011

Will Nigel bounce?

If you've been listening to The Archers
for as long as I have
the signposts were in dayglo yellow
and had people shouting through loudhailers beneath them.

Glorious review for his Dame in the panto?
Touching gift of Mummy's brooch?
A banner on the roof?
'I'll just have to climb a little higher'?

But maybe, just maybe,
they have a cunning plan.
I'm going to have to check the map of Ambridge
but could he have fallen into the treetop walkway?

You heard it here first.


  1. May be - just maybe. I was hoping it would be Helen - she's seriously stretched my patience for months! Pleased there is an(other) Archers fan in blogland!

  2. I met 'David' at a do recently. He was rather impolite.

  3. Is The Archers still going???
    My childhood was filled with The Archers. We lived on a dairy farm and my parents used to listen to The Archers in the cowshed as they milked the cows. As the machinery was very noisy they had the radio turned on full volume. I used to hear it way down the road as I made my way home from the school bus late each afternoon... to me the tune of The Archers meant that I was home again, my safe haven from school which I hated... so The Archers music is one of my most fond memories from years long gone.

  4. Still going Marilyn. 60 years old today!

  5. The actual event was better in the anticipation than the realisation I think - I can see how it will make a good plot device though.

    The Archers was a backdrop to my childhood too and I must have been the only graphic design student in Manchester in the very early 70's with this listening habit.

  6. It's all Greek to me.... but then the challenge for me is to get the radio turned off before the loathed Archers music starts.

  7. Oh I know. Why do people in soap land do these stupid things? (I'm with Ticking Stripes, I was really hoping for the demise of Helen who is just ghastly at the moment!)