Tuesday 11 January 2011

Sugar high

My new camera is sticky.

I must be getting more used to it.


  1. Still making marmalade. It's Delia's two stage recipe. Impressed by your chopped veg prep.

  2. Hi Lucille - I've just made cardamom flavoured marmalade plus a batch of ginger, and the rest of the Seville oranges have gone into the freezer. Good to know you're at it too!
    Belinda xx

  3. Hi Belinda! I might have to try that out. Loved to read of speculating rooks. Isn't that just what they do? Enjoy your escape to the sun. You deserve it.

  4. Sticky and slightly scratched hints at a good and lasting prognosis.
    The pictures are certainly up to your previous form and, I think, have even greater texture. Do you find the new model at all bulky compared with your previous one?

  5. If it's not looking at the beautiful photos, then it's the mention of food on here (cardamom marmalade!!) that makes me go straight to google... This blog keeps me busy!

  6. The day someone comes up with a sugar-free marmalade recipe that produces real marmalade , I'll join in .
    Meanwhile I'll just enjoy the beautiful colour and texture of your second photo.