Thursday 13 May 2010

The nursery wing

Every spring

I see collared dove chicks

fully fledged

and near adult sized.
Where have they been hiding?
I've seen the occasional broken egg shell

and it's not that big.

You never see them any smaller

than this.

It's a mystery.

They may be big, but they're not very bright.
This one wandered about
sipping dew from the grass

for much longer than was prudent,
in view of the other 

new kid on the block.

I predict a repetition of this.

Although it might have been the sparrow hawk.
The harsh reality of rural city life.


  1. Scout loves doves - and he's pretty good and imitating their sound...

    ...I love the little fox - he's so cute and puppy-like..

  2. That's the thing about urban wildlife - you get to see it up close, gory bits and all.....

  3. The pictures are just lovely. Will come back to look at them again leisurley