Tuesday 11 May 2010

The gift

You may remember that we had a little trouble with
We caught two in humane traps
which I released in the park, car park.

Well after that we had to get a bit ruthless
as their calling cards (ahem) were everywhere
so we put down seven  
less humane traps,
and caught

Since then there has been not a sign or squeak
out of any of them.
We were all very relieved.

But there is a postscript to this story.

I was getting out of the car
in my usual place in the park, car park today,
(the place that I chose as most suitable for mouse re-homing,)
when out of the corner of my eye
I saw something small and grey
on the tarmac.

I bent closer to examine it.

A broken mug handle
I thought,

with a tail,
I thought,

and a bright, beady eye,

looking up at me.

She has two broken ears.

 I had to bring her home.

I'm convinced I can see a smile on her face now.


  1. Gulp.

    Remember The Velveteen Rabbit? Sort of like that......

  2. And I was waiting for:
    But I guess it was too obvious!

  3. Featured earlier I think you'll find!

  4. I must pay more attention
    I must pay more attention
    I must pay more attention
    I must.....