Thursday 6 May 2010

Skipping song

Vote, vote, vote, for little ------- 
(first named child runs in and starts skipping)
In comes ------- at the door 
(new name runs in and starts skipping too)
------- is the one that we all like best (new name)
We don't like -------  anymore 
(first child runs out)
(second child carries on and a third child runs in 
as you start the rhyme again.)

Well that's how I remember it anyway.


  1. And do you consider your preferred candidate to be useful or beautiful?

  2. Preferred...hmmm. How long have you got?

  3. And when I was young, in '60s Edinburgh, there was one that went thus:

    Vote, vote, vote for Mr Hoy
    Who's that knocking at the door?
    If it's Meikie and his wife
    Take a poker and a knife
    And they won't come knocking any more

    I was told that Mr Meikie and Mr Hoy had been candidates many years before. Politics and skipping were rough in those days too!

  4. Difficult to be enthusiastic about any of them , really .
    But the atmosphere should lighten at the house my elderly aunts share.... one votes Labour , one votes Conservative and the silent battle of wills over the placing of election posters in the front window is is riveting to watch .