Friday 14 May 2010

Little foxes

Ah yes.

I should have remembered,
that the sight of one fox cub

is unlikely to be where the matter ends.

The lone cub (called Scout) is the boldest sibling
of what always turns out to be
a big boisterous family.

as in previous years,
the vixen brought the rest of her brood out 
from their den under the greenhouse,
to snack and sun themselves 
on the decking.

Vigilant though their mother is,
 they are surprisingly short-sighted
so the cubs scamper at my feet
if I remain very still
upwind of them.

There will be
 jumping, pouncing,

 running, rolling,
 digging and dozing.

Although this does not bode well
for the vegetable plot,

it is hard not to be charmed by them 
while they are this small and cute.


  1. Such fabulous photos, Lucille! Such characterful cubs too.

    My son was very amused to find a cub growling fiercely at him when he surprised it one morning in his garden. The cheek of it!

  2. Amazing pictures. You're not related to the Attenboroughs by any chance?

  3. Wonderful !! little red dogs. Fantastic photos. Merci !! S & les Gang

  4. I've just looked out the window and there's a fox (bigger and not so cute!) feeding off next-door's compost bin. Second course, no doubt, will be from my bin bags.

  5. Beautiful photos - I didn't know that foxes were short-sighted.

  6. Cute little guys ... I rarely see them here although they are around.