Wednesday 5 May 2010

Vacuuming pine cones

I had come indoors defeated by the sight of a new slew of debris

in next door's front garden.
I just couldn't quite face picking it all up again
so soon
but as the house is now empty,
no one else is going to do it.

It was then that I noticed 
the cobwebs on the pine cones
in one of my little arrangements.
You know the sort of thing.

A bowl of pebbles
lovingly collected on the shore last summer,
covered in dust.

A basket of shells, ditto.

 Colourful marbles
joined by buttons, a plectrum, a paperclip, a screw,
some loose change, a receipt and a blob of Blu-tack.

All quite charming when first displayed
but silently deteriorating
into a miniature replica of the mess outside.

So I got out the vacuum cleaner
and vacuumed the pine cones,

isolated and rinsed the marbles,

washed the shells,

and the pottery fragments
that you find so thrillingly in the garden.

And then I went back and rescued
this bunch of fake flowers
because I think I know someone who would like them.


  1. How arrogant of people to dump rubbish. Who do they think is going to pick it up - you obviously! I think every home in the entire country has that bowl with the blob of Blu-tack, the 'bound to come in handy one day' screw, paper clip, and button, the garment from which it came long since gone.

  2. I have so many little collections like that - including the dust, and the paperclip, the screw, the inability to throw them away.....

    How sad that your neighbouring garden is used for fly tipping. Hopefully the house will have new inhabitants soon?

  3. Sadly it was the departing tenants who dumped their rubbish there, but now it acts as a beacon for passers by to do the same.

  4. I used to live somewhere where it was the "norm" for neighbours to dump stuff outside their gates to blow about in the wind.... how I hated it. Luckily, I live elsewhere now. Somewhere that has a garden that never tires of giving up its pottery fragments no matter how many times it is dug over. How I love them.........