Thursday 27 May 2010

Being roped in

One of my favourite museums has just moved closer
thanks to the extension of the East London Line.

That was an exciting afternoon.
A family affair.

Someone we know was roped in to busk at the last minute
as part of the celebrations.

He hadn't expected the marriage proposal.

I first went to the Geoffrye Museum 
as a child with my primary school.
I was chosen to dress up as a Tudor boy
and invited to step over the rope
into the reconstructed Tudor room.

Beyond the rope I was
no longer a sensible little girl in a brown school uniform,
I was liberated. Reborn. Transformed.
All sense of decorum deserted me and
I stuck my tongue out at a teacher.

Portrait of a Boy - Robert Peake the Elder (1551 - 1619)


  1. That made me chuckle; I hope there weren't repercussions once you were back in uniform!

  2. It is the lucky ones amongst us who find the rope!