Friday 9 April 2010

Bad, sad, lad, glad


The state of next door's garden.


A small child's toys,
hurled from an upstairs window
and never retrieved.

Doing his best to repair the fence.


that I've seen their peach tree blossoming.


  1. It's like the secret garden. Does anybody live there? Is that an old galvanized bin? trailing nasturtiums would look pretty.

  2. Yes I have my eye on that bin. It's full of broken glass though so no gain without pain. The house was converted into four flats by the council with only one long term resident upstairs at the front. She is elderly and never used the garden even when it was passable. The other flats seem to be empty and I think are used only as temporary accommodation now that they have been allowed to deteriorate so badly. It must have been a lovely house once with tiled floors and stained glass windows.

  3. There IS something terribly sad about those toys all just thrown and abandoned........... If only they could speak.............

  4. The whole thing is mystifying -- the decaying house, the wild garden, the poor toyless child . . . and a peach!