Monday 5 April 2010


What can I say?
Impossible to believe really.

We had a really nice day.
An unprecedented shopping trip in town - all four of us.
Lunch out, tea out,
clothes bought,
a perfect bag for his mother,
a phone for his brother,
a fancy shirt for his father
and orange and lemon cheesecake for
a birthday pudding.

The sun even shone,
just like it did on April 5th 1987.

Happy birthday xxx


  1. A child's birthday is so much more meaningful to a mother than her own! Or so I think, every year, as my baby (of what feels like just a very few years ago!) reaches another birthday; 38 so far.

    Well done to us for having kept them alive and thriving all that time too...

  2. Looks like a good day was had by all.

  3. lovely! sounds like a marvelous day.