Wednesday 28 April 2010

Desperate measures

I am not happy.

Blogger has ordained that I can only recycle

 photos already on my blog for the time being
and I was so looking forward to sharing with tout le monde 
pictures of my new green shoes (not these old things)

and the wall (this one) 

I painted white (yes, white) today.
 Only time will tell whether this was

or only fit for the bin.


  1. Whilst I feel your pain re Blogger (is it just me, or is it "playing" up more and more?!?)... I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the illustration you used for "I am not happy"...........


  2. Oh dear! I wonder why?

    I love your jug shelf! Or is a jug-and-mug shelf? I have an entire jug cupboard. Very bad. Must stop buying jugs.

  3. Never mind; Blogger is temperamental, but we have to be grateful it doesn't charge us for the privilege of being messed about . Unlike Virgin Media.....

    And oooh! - is that a Lucozade bottle with the orange cellophane on? So important to get that precious cellophane off intact when we were children!

  4. I'm sorry, but I'm also amazed at what you can do with recycled pictures! Impressive!

  5. your recycling is enjoyable ...

  6. But it seems like only yesterday when you explained how the shoes, yes, "these old things", were the epitome of good use, good aesthetics and good value.

  7. Well yes. But those were in the winter sale and it's spring now. Did I mention that they are green? (Good to see you are paying attention though.)

  8. Yes that is a jug shelf. There are many other jug surfaces in the house. I envy you your jug cupboard.

  9. Yes I spent many a happy hour with the cellophane plastered to my face. Similarly with the coloured cellophane from Quality Street wrappers but they were only big enough for one eye.

  10. Inventive, though. Especially the cycle.

  11. Creative recycling of pictures though, quite nice for those of us who are realativly new to your blog!