Tuesday 20 April 2010

Self help

The problem with reading a huge blog like Zen Habits
is that the very act militates against its central message 
which is about
disconnecting, minimising, focussing.

I have been lost for at least an hour 
in a maze of posts and links
which while offering me the key to a
saner, simpler, happier life
has simultaneously spawned
another monstrous time devourer.

So, after I'd plucked away the many suckered tentacles
 of seductive prose 
here's the basin I managed to clean

and here are the flowers I picked.

And just in case I'm tempted to go back there
here's a photo to remind me

just to get on with it.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh..... I gave a quick visit last night and thought I would go back.... maybe now I shan't.

  2. Now to resist the temptation of looking at Zen Habits. I find on the whole blogging is a way of distracting your mind from all the things you should really be doing. Like right now I should be working!

  3. I feel the same sometimes, it is so easy to spent/waste an evening on the computer.
    I like the photograph, made me laugh. Two ghostly images.

  4. I think it is like a large Christmas Turkey - you should pick off the best bits, put some in the freezer for later and then boil up the bones to make stock to add to your cooking before you get bored with it. Don't make the mistake of trying to remove every last fragment of meat - it will take you forever.